Bend the line - Being the line
︎ Photography: Almicheal Fraay - Marcel de Buck - Ton Vogels

2020/2021, Collaboration with Gam Bodenhausen, Eindhoven

Material:  willow branches and drawings on paper

Work in progress / residency - SAT. 5 DECEMBER – SUN. 10 JANUARY

Bend the line – Being the line was a collaborative project between Gam Bodenhausen and me. ‘Moving between worlds of the known and unknown, the artists will take you into their process of control, improvisation and doubt. The process-based installation with drawings and spatial work will grow and change as a stream of thought during this period of almost five weeks.

Roos and Gam’s work touches each other in subject, matter and technique, but differs in approach. Light gray pencil drawings against jet black carbon. They move undisturbed between the lines that can be followed, diverted, transformed or influenced. Both work big, convincing and above all with a lot of patience. The hyper focus that arises during the making of these impressive works is palpable and invites further research.’