2019, Collaboration with Chisato Yasui, Japan

Material:  porcelain

In the end of August 2019, I went to Japan for 3 weeks. 
I followed this amazing ceramics artist on instagram and thought of visiting her studio, although I didn’t really know where in Japan she was based, so I contacted her.
She invited me to her beautiful home in the countryside (one hour from Tokyo). She showed me her work space, introduced me to her family and told me about who she is and what she is doing in life. 
After a nice conversation, some tea and fruit, she suggested to make an artwork together.
We combined our disciplines (nature and ceramics) and we made small porcelain pieces.
It was an amazing and inspiring day and such a wonderful opportunity to meet a fellow artist this way. 
In November 2019, she put all the porcelain pieces into the kiln and afterwards send them to me in the Netherlands. These pieces will eventually be used in a installation work.
Thank you Chisato, you have a place in my heart!