Group exhibition

Huis Henk Visch


April 07 – June 08, 2024
Art space “AUTO VITESSE”, Group exhibition, Eindhoven

Guest curator Rob Schoonen

With works by:

Helma Michiels, Roos Vogels, Merel Schoonen, Henk Visch.

Text Merel Schoonen

opening hours:
Saturdays 12 – 6 pm 
and by appointment:

address: Art Space “AUTO VITESSE. Voorterweg 128, 5611 TS Eindhoven
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© Henk Visch

Artist in Residency 

Kunstnarhuset Messen


September 01 – October 31, 2023
KH Messen, Artist in Residency, Ålvik, Norway

With a suitcase filled only with the most necessary things, I’ll leave for two months to an artist in residency in Norway at the end of August.
It has long been my dream to visit Norway and experience its enchanting nature. I'm going to Norway without a concrete plan of what I'm going to make there. This is mainly because I get inspired by the landscape that surrounds me. All I know is that somewhere in my work there will most likely be trees. Trees are giants to me, but mountains are giants as well and unfortunately not found in the flat surfaces of the Netherlands. In Norway I’d like to meet these mountains and discover if they might be as indispensable to me as trees already are.

It will be 2 months back to the basics of creating and immerse myself in the world around me, nature, which will always be the primal source of my work.
If you want to follow my time there, keep an eye on my social media ;)

© KHMessen

Art fair

pop-up platform for XL artworks


September 29 – October 01, 2023
BIG ART art fair, Bajeskwartier, Amsterdam

Coming September part of my newest work ‘Nemus’ will be presented at BIG ART! Nemus is a series of charcoal drawings on cotton that depict meters-high trees. The series is still expanding. At BIG ART I will present 5 trees from the forest Nemus.

BIG ART is a pop-up platform for XL artworks and huge design objects, brought to you by a blend of established artists and designers as well as upcoming talents. Every year BIG ART occupies a special building in or around Amsterdam where dozens of galleries, artists and designers fill the place with a unique mix of monumental paintings and drawings, large sculptures and photographs, mesmerizing lightart and impressive interactive installations. On show, and for sale!

Group exhibition

Curated by Ilka de Wilde


April 29 – May 28, 2023
WARP contemporary art platform, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

‘Onze Nederlandse Maatjes’ is a collaboration with De Fabriek, Gallery O-68, Make Eindhoven, CBK Zeeland, EKWC, Quartair, Pennings Foundation and Theater of Wrong Decisions. Together with them, exhibition maker Ilka De Wilde selected the artists:

Eleye Boerenkamps, Ana Guedes, Dieke Venema, Roos Vogels, Charlotte Koenen, Bas Ketelaars, Luis Maly, Yukari Nakamihci, Lily Lanfemeijer, Marwan Bassiouni, Jonas Wijtenburg and others…

© Creepingmackroki

Performance event

Curated by Rob Schoonen


March 17 – 18, 2023
Art house United Cowboys, Eindhoven

In the frame of 30 years Company in 2023, we present special programs and events. These programs revolve around connection, association and exchange; for these programs, we gladly invite people that have a special bond with United Cowboys. We start with Seasoning.
On March 17 and 18, Rob Schoonen - until recently chef of the arts department of  ED -  takes over the Art House to curate a Seasoning Special, under the title Senses

Rob Schoonen:
"Senses, is the title of the performance event that will be executed during two evenings by different dancers, fine art artists, a poet and a musician. The program came into being due to the exhibition I curated earlier: 'TOT HIER... en verder' at Pennings Foundation, mid 2022. The artistic team of United Cowboys was part of that exhibition and from there, fascinating talks arose between us, resulting in the full length performance evening ‘Senses that will be curated by me and presented, in the building of United Cowboys in Eindhoven”

Senses will form the leitmotiv througout the evening and was roadmap in searching the adequate artists and a coherent execution. Those are:

Roos Vogels, Eleni Ploumi, Elysia Mc Mullen, Ad van Aart, Evangelos Biskas V, Liesbeth Schreuder, Hanne Schillemans, Oscar van der Put, Marc Koppen, Merel Schoonen, Eulàlia Bergada.

© Maarten van der Put

Group exhibition

Curated by Ralph Roelse & Jasper van Es in collaboration with KEVN


February 10 – April 02, 2023
KEVN Kelderman en van Noort, Eindhoven

A group show featuring paintings and sculptures by ten promising Dutch artists.



Cindy Bakker, Jochem Rotteveel, Roos Vogels, _____New Dutch Minimalism, 2023. KEVN, Eindhoven.

© Ralph Roelse

Solo exhibition

Roos Vogels

ANAPHORA the elements: earth

December 23, 2022 – January 29, 2023
AVA Albert van Abbehuis, Eindhoven

In her work - which consists of installations, sculptures, drawings and photographs - Roos Vogels (Eindhoven 1992) tries to fathom nature. She studies natural appearances and experiments with growth mechanisms. The forest is her favourite place to work and serves as a source of inspiration. The tree as a living organism plays the leading role in this. 

In her installations Roos stops the natural process for a moment - the natural life freezes into an artwork. Her installations and sculptures are like spatial drawings from branches and willow twigs. Through these works, she tries to approach the soul of the natural process of growing, blooming and dying and encompass the cycle of life and death in a poetic perspective.

Although her work is organic and sensual, it also demonstrates an attention to geometry, order and balance. This is evident from her works in graphite on burnt wood. The wood grains made more visible by burning and the intense soot-black of the charred material show Roos the way to metamorphose the pure wood into a drawing. The graphite drawing added after burning is the magnified bark of the tree taken away from its context and scale. The intense black acts as a window onto a limitless space, a transition from the tangible nature to the immaterial world.

Her work is like a tracking search for transformations but also in her own abilities to distil a work of art from that same nature. Exploring the possibilities is an ongoing process of discovery, destruction and rediscovery. This is how she unravels the wonder of nature and makes it real for us. Anaphora, in her vision, represents the tree as a living organism. The tree that keeps revealing itself in different capacities and becomes more and more meaningful. The tree that is approached by Roos, rediscovered, explored and transformed - again and again.

- text by Diana Franssen

© Archive Artist

Collaborative art project

Curated by Maria Vtorushina


July 13 – 23, 2022
SEA Foundation, Tilburg

From The Battlefield is an exhibition program that amplifies the direct testimony of those who provide evidence of the war in Ukraine and those who are fighting to protect freedom and hope more broadly. By presenting words, notes, images, documents, and works of artists, curators, and thinkers, From the Battlefield investigates life’s simultaneously banal and aspirational qualities. Each work acknowledges in large or small ways that flickering illuminations and sparks of hope, when amplified through social efforts, can be built into powerful forces.

From The Battlefield focuses on the strength of making small decisions of dignity and freedom when also sacrificing for victory in the circumstances of war. Cultivating small and fragile experiences that help individuals and communities live through inhumane conditions (these experiences grow into volunteering, crowdfunding and self-organized initiatives) can be as significant as earning the world’s solidarity attention or receiving material and tactical support. And to find ways to live when loved ones are being killed is a form of resistance.

The programme was conceived by Maria Vtorushina who was invited for an emergency residency for artists and art labours through Artists at Risk. 


Alevtina Kakhidze (UA), Nick Swarth (NL), Sasha Kurmaz (UA), Katya Buchatska (UA), Konstyantyn Doroshenko (UA), Evelien van der Peijl (NL), Yulia Protsyshyn (UA), Chantal Rens (NL), Leo Trotsenko (UA), Tamara Turliun (UA), Andrei Liashcuk (UA), Roos Vogels (NL), Chikako Watanabe (JP/NL).

Exhibition an public programme, From the Battlefield, 2022. At SEA Foundation, LocHal, De Pont and Cinecitta, Tilburg.

© Jinhye Lee

Group exhibition

Curated by Hanna Jansen


May 27 – July 24, 2022
Museum EICAS Preview, Deventer

From 27 May to 24 July, Museum EICAS Preview presents four artists.
You can recognize the ideas of the ZERO-movement in the everyday materials, simplicity and optimism of their work. But Matter over Mind mainly translates it to a new generation of artists. They do determine the framework but give the material the space to deviate from the original plan.

The popular saying “Mind over matter” puts will over matter. The idea is that - as long as you put your mind to something - the most impossible goal becomes achievable. It says something about our performance culture and the need to get a grip on the world around us. But what happens when we let go of that grip? What if we take a step back and create space for something to emerge on its own?


Ide André, Akmar, Roos Vogels, Bas van der Wal.

Exhibition, Matter over Mind, 2022. Museum EICAS Preview, Deventer.

© Hanna Jansen

Duo exhibition

Gam Bodenhausen and Roos Vogels


December 05, 2020 – January 10, 2021
TAC Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven

Bend the line – Being the line is a collaborative project between Roos Vogels and Gam Bodenhausen. Moving between worlds of the known and unknown, the artists will take you into their process of control, improvisation and doubt. The process-based installation with drawings and spatial work will grow and change as a stream of thought during this period of four weeks.

Roos and Gam’s work touches each other in subject matter and technique, but differs in approach. Light gray pencil drawings against jet black carbon. They move undisturbed between the lines that can be followed, diverted, transformed or influenced. Both work big, convincing and above all with a lot of patience. The hyper focus that arises during the making of these impressive works is palpable and invites further research.

Gam Bodenhausen and Roos Vogels, Bend the line - Being the line, 2020. TAC, Eindhoven.

© Almicheal Fraay